Born in 1960., Bácsalmás

1997. Since 1994

1993 1992-1994. 1991 1991-1994. 1991-1994.

Member of the Atelier Photo Union

Working as a freelance photographer

Member of the Association of the Hungarian Creative Artists

Member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers

Visual Communication Designing Master Diplome

Master Course at the Academy Applied Arts

Graduation at the Academy of Applied Arts

Pécsi József Scholarship

Professional Carreer
Since 2005 Member of the “+Mőhely” Creative Group

Since 1998 Assistant professor at the MOME ( before Hungarian University of Applied Arts), Visual Communication Department.

Student of the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Photo and Applied Graphics Department

1988 Member of the Studio of Young Photographers Member of the United Pictures Association

1975-1979 College of Fine - and Applied Arts, Photo Department

2007 Balogh Rudolf Prize

Solo Exhibitions

2011 AGE:L DRIM, Nessim Gallery, Budapest (H) 2009 DI ID, Nessim Gallery, Budapest (H)
2007 Singular - Plural, Nessim Gallery, Budapest (H) 2006 Monoscope, MU Gallery, Budapest (H)

2003 Electric Works, Nyitott Mőhely Gallery, Budapest (H)
2000 Imicsek, French Institute, Budapest (H)
2000 T-time, Torony Gallery, Budapest (H)
1997 Archive, (Polaroid transfers ) Bolt Gallery, Budapest (H)
1997 Common Works with Péter Bányay Bolt Gallery, Budapest, (H) 1996 December, Mu Theatre, Budapest (H)

1994. Drégelyimages, FMK, Budapest (H)
1993 Black, Club of Young Artists, Budapest (H)
1992 Graphoid with Péter Lerch, Artista Café, Budapest, (H) 1992 Black Cell, Mûterem gallery, Budapest (H)

1991 Polaroids II. Bercsényi Gallery, Budapest (H) 1990 Club of Young Artists, Budapest (H)
1989 Polaroids I. Club of Young Artists, Budapest, (H) 1988 Street Gallery, Szombathely (H)

1988 Club of Young Artists FMK, Budapest (H) 1986 Bercsényi Club, Budapest (H)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 Absence, Nessim Gallery, Budapest (H)

2008 New York, New York, Nessim Gallery, Budapest (H)

2007 “=DIGIT=0010100011010111000101=”, 2B Gallery, Budapest (H)

2006 “Plain Air”, 2B Gallery, Budapest (H)

2005 “Akku” +Mőhely, Budapest Gallery, Budapest (H)

2005 “Approache” Kortárs Gallery, Tatabánya (H)

2005 “Breaking the Light”, Museau da Água, Lisboa (P)

2004 Camera Soave, Soave (I)

2004 Breaking the Light, Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Fujifilm Galeria, Kaunas, Litvania

2004 Breaking the Light, Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Klaipeda, Litvania

2004 Breaking the Light, Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Vilnius 2004 Breaking the Light, Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Museum of New Art, Parnu,Estonia

2004 Breaking the Light, Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Hungarian Cultural Institut, Moscow Russia

2004 “Offline 2.”, Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest (H)

2004 “ Photo 20 “, Ponton Gallery, Budapest (H)

2003 „Offline I.” Millenáris, Csiga Gallery, Budapest (H)

2002 „Vagy – vagy” VAM Design Galéria, Budapest (H)

2001 Art Center of the Town VMK Photo Gallery, Selected works from the collection of Bolt Gallery, Nyiregyháza (H)

2001 Contemporary Hungarian Photography, From 1 image to 71 images CHP Collection of Bolt Gallery, Galerie Photo- Montpellier, Montpellier (F)

2001 Gallery Thierry Marlat, Imre DRÉGELY, Jeno DETVAY, Péter HERNDI, Péter BÁNYAY, Paris (F)

2001 Gallery Vrais Reves, XXS & XXL, Lyon (F)
2001 Pepsi Sziget Fesztivál ( Open Art ) Budapest (H)
2001 Espace d`art contemporain Voutes du Port de ROYAN, Royan (F) 2000 Vernissage II, Mu Theatre, Budapest (H)
2000 Contemporary Photographers, Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest (H)

2000 Twins Festival, Víztorony Gallery, Budapest (H)

2000 md studio Gallery, Budapest (H)

1999 XXS National Week of Photography Bolt Gallery, Budapest (H)

1999 Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Bolt Gallery, Budapest (H)

1999 Zeitgenössiche Fotographie aus Ungarn, Berlin Academy Altes Rathaus, Kulturhaus, Potsdam (D)

1999 Collection of Bolt Gallery French Institute, Budapest (H) 1999 Postscript, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (H)
1998 Picture and Text, Bolt Gallery, Budapest (H)
1998 Camera Soave, Soave (I)

1998 Nude in Photography and Sculptures, Budapest (H)

1998 First National Week of Photography, Budapest (H)

1998 Take Five, Hungarian Photography in New York, The Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary New York (USA)

1998 Month of Photography, Bratislava (SK)

1998 XI th Biennial of Photography, Esztergom (H)

1997 Contemporary Photography Hungary, Pécs (H)

1996 More Eyes, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (H)

1996 Koncept, Gallery Gradska, Zagreb (HR)

1996 Month of Photography, Fofoto, Bratislava (SK)

1995 Photograms, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (H)

1995 The Visible Present, Ernst Museum, Budapest (H)

1995 Profocus, Budapest (H)

1995 Contemporary Hungarian Photo, Pécs (H)

1995 EKE, GANZ, Budapest (H)

1994 Diploma Works, London (GB)

1994 Exhibition of the Pécsi József Scholarship, Dorottya Gallery Budapest (H)

1994 Photographie dell Ungheria, Spilimbergo (I)
1994 Tableau, First Creative Team, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (H)
1994 IX th Biennale of Photography, Esztergom (H)
1994 The First Exhibition of the Bolt Gallery, Budapest (H)
1994 Young Hungarian Photography after 90, Miskolc (H)
1993 Camera Obscura, Hungarian Museum of photography, Kecskemét (H) 1993 Pajta Gallery, Salföld (H)
1992 Dipoma 92 , Tölgyfa Gallery, Budapest (H)
1992 The Polaroid in Hungary, Budapest (H)
1990 Studio Self Portrait, Photo Art Gallery, Budapest (H)
1990 Studio III., Ernst Múzeum, Budapest (H)
1990 Schnelle Bilder , Künstlerhaus, Vienna (A)
1990 Burghausen, Germany (D)

1988 Renovation, Mőcsarnok, Kunsthalle, Budapest (H) 1988 United Pictures, Budapest (H)
1987 Photography 87, Mőcsarnok, Budapest (H)

Works In Collections

Hungarian Museum of Photography
Bolt Galéria, Budapest
Nessim Galéria, Budapest
Collection Of His Excellency Ibrahim Ibn Al Tassan /AS/

Collection Karoly Szabo /H/